Campressor-PT audibly improves DV.

  • Dual channel XLR inputs, 48-volt phantom power
  • Adjustable Compressors & Limiters maximize sound quality
  • Up to 60dB Gain matches & amplifies any microphone
  • Adjustable output level matches any camera
  • Uses AA batteries or external power
  • Tightly regulated power supplies


More than an adapter or peak limiter, Campressor-PT is a studio-quality compressor that maximizes sound quality, smoothly handles audio by not simply limiting its peaks, and noticeably increases intelligibility and audible power. It provides everything electronically necessary to easily record professional sound on location.

Campressor-PT sports dual balanced channels with phantom power; microphone pre-amps with up to 1,000x gain; rumble filters; adjustable soft-knee compressors with signal overload limiters; and an AUX input inside a light chassis that easily mounts between tripod and camera. A right-angle, shielded cable provides audio output. It uses internal or external batteries.

Top quality parts and construction with studio-quality circuitry. Neutrik connectors. Tight tolerance components. Nice switches and 31-detent click-stop rubber knobs. Multi-layer circuitboards. Teflon wiring. Black machined aircraft aluminum chassis. Stainless steel hardware and fittings that don't strip out. Made in USA.

  • gracefully dampens peaks so you can turn up quiet levels.
  • dramatically improves sound clarity and punch-thru power.
  • audibly thickens thin or whimpy sound, maximizing intelligibility.
  • lets you record it right on location and not have to "fix it in post."
  • adjustable from no effect to full compression.

Campressor-PT. Available via PayPal.
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